A project namely "Kajer Kaji" has achieved the "top 50" category out of 478 competitors organized by Connecting Startup Project run by ministry of ICT & BASIS.

The first real estate project which started on 2011 has been terminated Alhamdulillah upon its completion and we are now working on second project which will commence commercially towards the end of 2016 inhaAllah

Recent News

1. One of the Group RIBAI's IT project namely "Kajerkaji" has been selected best in 100 out of the 478 project ideas in Bangladesh organized by Bangladesh Government. we look forward to be in the top 10 insaAllah !
2. POS (software for small to large shop) is just ready to be launched in 3 months !
3., an eCommerce project is soon to be commence on June 2016 insha Allah.