What is Group RIBAI all about ?

The acronyms of RIBAI comes from the words of “Research In Business And Investment” is the main phenomenon of our business and we find it very perfect name for our type of business. The Group RIBAI, is an investment and service based firm that has been serving with utmost excellence in the prominent areas of Construction, IT, Investment and few other domains. The motivation towards creating such company came from the academic and professional experiences of four founders of Group RIBAI. The methodology of this business is to call each investment a project and therefore each project is independent regarding the risk of business and profit sharing matters. If one project is successful to ‘break even’ then we start reinvesting to a new project or to the existing one. This is our methodology and the good news is that we are growing.

Key People of the Group RIBAI are as follows.

  • Managing Director and Founder: Md. Humayun Kabir
  • Director and Founder: Fuad Ahmed
  • Director and Founder: Wahiduzzaman Shaim
  • Director and Founder: Md. Istiak Ahmed
  • IT & Software Manager :Fuad Ahmed (same person as of number 2.)
  • Web Development Manager : Md. Mahmudul Hassan
  • Travel & Tour Manager : Md. Humayun Kabir (same person as of number 1.)

Initialization and Growth

The idea behind this Multi-project business came on 2011. Group RIABI was commenced in the mid of 2012. The first project was the Real Estate Project called “Kanishail”. When it reached target sales on 2013 then we started out IT business by which we started making websites and selling domain and webhosting. We are happy to announce that IT service met our time-line target towards the end of 2013 and later on October 2013 we started our Travel & Tour service. By this service, we also met our target test service. There are few others projects on the pipe line to be commenced once we believe we can start them professionally. For all these, we need potential and trustworthy investors with who we would like to work sincerely and professionally bearing in mind that hopefully it will bring us sound profit.

A key point For our working process is to make it profitable thoroughly with continuous and gradual investment instead of heavy investment at once. Thus we believe, we can be much more experienced and create our customer loyalty since we are continuously working hard to make it real over time. A monitoring system from our all perspective is also part of our primary responsibility.