IT Department:

The group RIBAI is happily serving with Utmost excellence in the prominent field of IT

The Group has established a complete IT solution, namely, in order for software and website development. We are happy to announce that we joined the Sylhet Ecommerce Fair 2013 and received a warm feedback along with orders for websites. We have just delivered a university management and operation software and it will be fully functional from July 2014 onwards.

The team has a multiple number of small groups who split the big IT project and towards the end of project we integrate all the small part and check whether it is finally perfect. This we have found very effective for both us and for our client from the quality perspective. We have started outsourcing since our team has started growing. A few websites are probably there we can mention. Please notice that some websites are under development. , ,, ,, and few others.

Software: Basically, we have made a software for a university namely, Metropolitan University, Sylhet. The software is a solution to a complete university management. We started the project on January 2013 and finished on December 2013. For a smooth and debug free service there is another 6 months mentioned for this software which start on January 2014 and end on June 2014.
A “Shop management software” is roughly completed for test purpose and we are testing every technological possibility before we announce it for commercial use.
Full Website Service: A complete array of service from Domain registration, webhosting, website building, SEO, Reconstruction of website, Social Media marketing etc are offered throughout the department.

In addition, we have also an IT training department which may have described as below.

Service Provided by RIBAI Online:

  • Data Entry : Training and Outsourcing
  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Software Development : for small to medium and large organization
  • Desktop Application
  • Web Application
  • Web Design & Development : Training and permanent team for professional work
  • All kinds of websites including operation management based website