We have developed our own way of working for housing, building construction, interior design, reconstruction, renovation, mapping of free lands and many other land based projects. We have a full body of working capacity from “Engineers of BUET” to “local experts’ painters, construction labor or mechanical contractors. Therefore, we do not depend on third party group for our intended project. This, we have achieved through our excellent team working experiences and real projects along with our sincerity and dedication with utmost effort.

As part of our timeline target, initially on 2011 onwards, RIBAI has developed 2 separate small land based projects of which 90 percent of 1st project is successful and the 2nd one is on operation. In addition, the group is in process of developing a complete construction solution through which it will make apartment buildings, houses, commercial market, housing plots and other infrastructure development as well.

Construction: The Group is working gradually on construction. We have been involved to develop small construction for xperience and now we are in the process of starting work for big projects. There is an excellent team dedicated for this entire task. Under Real Estate Project, a project called “Kanishail”: There were 8 land plots of which 6 are already sold out and the rest 2 we have kept for better return since the market price is not good enough to meet our target return.

Running & Upcoming Projects:
1. Group RIBAI is only supervising a construction of a Building of 8-stored being done in Choukidekhi, Sylhet.
2. Construction of an eight storied commercial building about 3000 square feet is supposed to start on 2015. It is located at Zero Point in Sylhet named “Central Market” Sylhet.